Cheshire Polo Club

All visitors are welcome to come and watch polo here at Cheshire Polo Club free of charge. Please note this does not allow you access to any of our member’s enclosures. Picnics are welcome and for club house access please see our Social Memberships.

The present Cheshire Polo Club dates from 1952 but it is the successor to a number of clubs that have played in the North West for over a hundred years.

The earliest of these was the Manchester Polo Club that can rightly claim to be the oldest club in England, after the game had been brought to this country from India in the 1860’s.In 1906 the Manchester Club moved to Ashley where it remained until 1939 when it amalgamated with the Wirral Club and moved to the mid-Cheshire Club.

When the war broke out the club had reached the finals of two Hurlingham Polo Association Official Tournaments – The County Cup and The Junior County Cup. The cup we play for today is the National 4 Goal which is played every July as The Junior County Cup.

Play did not start again after the war until 1951 when the newly formed Cheshire Polo Club leased an additional ground from Captain Gordon Fergusson and began to play the traditional club tournaments. Cheshire Polo Club today has over 90 playing members, five grounds and is famous in the world of polo for its fantastic parties and fun atmosphere